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Stem Cells being used with facial reconstruction plastic surgery

Facial Reconstruction

Cell regeneration and stem cell therapy is a treatment that involves several disciplines (genetic engineering) of tissue, an alternative to treating diseases and conditions that currently do not have effective solutions.

Through the use of stem cells, patients have found promising answers and have managed to alleviate ailments and symptoms that have burdened them for lengthy periods of time.

Stem cell treatments in Colombia

BioXcellerator, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a revolutionizing stem cell therapy at its clinic in Medellín, Colombia. This field of medicine is practiced improving the quality of life for people in the aesthetic field, to relieve orthopedic and sports injuries, to soothe chronic pain or to treat an autoimmune or degenerative disease.

With the latest technology, BioXcellerator is the only one of its kind in the country, directed by Dr. Karolynn Halpert.

Aesthetic treatments with stem cells in Medellin, at BioXcellerator

On this occasion, we want to share a succesful case of aesthetic stem cell treatment that we performed in our clinic. Our patients are excited to share their experiences so that you too, may have a better understanding of the process.

See and feel good, after forty years

A highway accident changed the life of 30 year old Octavio Jaramilo. “I was changing a tire on my truck. The air pressure was not correct and while I was working, the rim of the tire hit me in the face, causing 10 fractures. In that moment, I thought that medicine would help me.” Octavio received 6 plastic surgeries in an attempt to repair the damage to his face.

After spending nearly half of his life seeing the looks of strangers who didn’t know what had happened, 70 year old Octavio learned about the stem cell treatment from his physician, luis Fernando Botero, of the clinic, who forwarded his case to BioXcellerator where he could receive the therapy.

“I didn’t feel acceptance since the accident, but with my intervention, people noticed the change and admired it. I look rejuvenated, they see progress in the texture of my skin, they tell me it looks like a child’s skin. Then I look in the mirror and say yes. I’m very happy.”

The aftermath of that tragic accident left deep marks, which have now greatly improved in his face. When doctors saw the before and after in his photographs, they confirmed “a successful reconstruction.” This tratment improves their self-esteem and confidence to interact with others.

Surely later it will look better, since the effect of sem cells can evolve in the next 18 months, according to the report of the doctor who reviews it every month at BioXcellerator.

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