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5 Questions about treatments with Stem Cells

Because it is a recent therapy in Colombia, it is important to resolve the concerns that patients may have. Below we answer the most frequently asked questions:

Will stem cell therapy improve my condition?

Adult stem cell therapy does not guarantee a cure for any type of disease. However, many patients unequivocally report that this treatment has significantly improved their quality of life. For example, adult stem cell therapy will not eliminate the genetic presence of a neurodegenerative disease, but it can reverse the symptoms a patient faces, thus improving their quality of life and potentially improving their chances in the long term.


It is important to bear in mind that many doctors, patients and scientists in general believe that the sooner a patient takes a treatment, the better the impact on the patient’s quality of life.


Why is there so much disagreement about the effectiveness of stem cells? 


Although stem cells have been used for multiple medical conditions for twenty years, many people still consider these therapies “new and experimental”, but many cases have been identified of patients for whom stem cell treatment has been very effective.


What kind of patient will not be accepted for treatment?


Our scientific medical committee is the one who decides if a patient can or cannot receive the treatment. We will not offer therapy if we believe that there is potential danger, however insignificant, or if it is considered that it will not provide any benefit. Another exclusion criteria are cancer patients or those with a high risk of cancer. In turn, we do not use stem cells in pregnant women.


Can treatments with mesenchymal stem cells cause cancer?


No, adult stem cells have a very low probability of producing cancer in patients without this background. In fact, scientists are currently discovering ways to use killer cells from the umbilical cord and those derived from adult stem cells to attack tumors and treat patients with cancer. This situation would only occur using pluripotent cells (embryonic or reprogrammed), which are not part of the BioXcellerator treatment.


Why should I be treated in BioXcellerator?


BioXcellerator is a pioneer in the treatment with stem cells in Medellín. The medical staff working at the clinic have a high experience managing stem cells and supervising the treatment of patients.

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