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5 Famous athletes who have used treatment with stem cells.

By Manuela Gómez

In recent years, the stem cell therapy has become more common among professional athletes who require treatment of chronic pain. Known five recognized athletes who have benefited from this treatment.

The most recent news is that of the pitcher for the baseball team in Los Angeles, Garrett Richard, who underwent stem cell therapy to prevent a Tommy John surgery (as well is called to a type of surgery of the elbow).


Stem cell treatments help to the early recovery of localized lesions, permitting also regenerate damaged cells of other tissues in addition to the injury, therefore, it is an efficient alternative to avoid surgery and long-term recovery.

These are some of the most recognized athletes who have benefited from the stem cell therapies:


Cristiano Ronaldo

 An article from April 2016 the British newspaper The Sun, reported that the foward of the Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, receive treatment of stem cells for their knees injured.

Ronaldo, 31 years ago, probably injured his knee during a match. Initially, the Real Madrid reported the injury as a cramp in the leg, but a CT scan was subsequently confirmed by a rupture.

Ronaldo opted for the same treatment with stem cells from knee that Rafael Nadal had in 2014 by its own condition. After treatment, Nadal reported a total absence of pain in that part of his leg, something he hadn't experienced in more than two years prior to therapy.

cristiano (1)

Rafael Nadal

“El Pais” of Spain: "Nadal, a treatment with stem cells, which resorted in November 2013 after exhausting the possibilities of previous treatments with plasma rich in platelets, you solved, at least for a year, knee problems. Thanks to the results, Nadal returned to resort to the stem cells to cure in this case his back problems, the facetary syndrome (inflammation of a part of the lumbar vertebrae).


Kobe Bryant

The news that the Los Angeles Lakers basketball player went to Germany for treatment on his knee was unveiled in 2013. Bryant suffers of degeneration within the knee and has had success with treatments in the past.

kobe (1)

Bartolo Colon

According to the newspaper New York Daily News: "The doctor who treated Bartolo Colon (right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball in the United States) with stem cells in 2010, he thought that he would never throw again. The procedure aroused some suspicion within circles of baseball after a report of the New York Times of 2011 will detail the treatment.

The bone marrow of Colon was centrifuged to separate it from the blood material and then, together with the fat of Colon, is injected into the elbow and shoulder of the launcher to help repair the damage to the ligament and a rotator cuff tear."

bartolo (1)

C.J. Nitkowski

In the 2011 baseball pitcher C.J. Nitkowski had nothing to lose by trying a treatment with stem cells in the left shoulder; over the past 10 years the left-handed reliever, had depended on this treatment to stay in the big leagues. Or think of a surgical intervention and its long rehabilitation; this would have reaped his career immediately. However, his improvement made him sign with the New York Mets in 2012.

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