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8 Myths of Stem Cells Clarified for You

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There is erroneous speculation on this subject. We can clarify muth versus reality.

It’s not science fiction, its science in action. The human body contains hundreds of different cells that are essential for our daily health. These cells are responsible for keeping our bodies functioning, ensuring our hearts beat, maintaining a sharp brain, kidneys filtering our blood, and our skin cells renew every day, among other responsibilities.

Stem cells are the providers of new cells. When they divide, they can transform into a new type of cell. For example, they can form additional stem cells from skin, or they can form skin cells that have specific jobs and produce the pigment melanin.

In short, the stem cells have the potential to turn into various types of cells in the body and serve as a feedback system for the body.

However, there are many myths about this subject and much erroneous speculation.

Here are exmaples of myths versus facts:


Myth: All stem cells are the same

Reality: There are many types of stem cells, but we can lump them into two large groups: the adult and the embryonic. The differences between the two are striking, not only at the biological level, but also in applications of medical procedures.


Myth: Stem cells come only from embryos.

Reality: Adult stem cells are present in all tissues and organs; mainly in the fat, bone marrow, blood, and teeth.


Myth: Stem cells can cure all diseases.

Reality: Stem cells are not a guaranteed cure-all for all diseases. However, several studies have shown a possibility for recovery and improvement of the hope and quality of life, or to reverse or make slow progression of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s, autism, lupus, macular degeneration, musculoskeletal issues, pulmonary diseases, renal and hepatic failure, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord, erectile dysfunction, and alopecia, among other conditions.


Myth: Research with embryonic stem cells is forbidden by law in the United States.

Reality: Currently there is a United States federal law against the use of human embryos for research pruposes. However, an institution that uses private funds is free to investigate. President George W. Bush authorized federal funding for limited embryonic human stem cell research for the first time, and President Barack Obama increased those funding levels for further research.

It is well documented that stem cell therapy is transforming medicine, as these procedures are administered to treat a variety of medical conditions in which traditional medicine has failed to alleviate.

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