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9 Common Questions Before Your First Treatment

We know that treatment with stem cells can generate some questions. Here are some of the common questions we encounter.

1. Will stem cell therapy improve my condition?

Therapy with adult stem cells does not guarantee a cure for any type of disease. However, many patients have reported unequivocally that this treatment has significantly improved their quality of life. For example, adult stem cell therapy will not eliminate the genetic presence of a neurodegenerative disease, but can reverse the symptoms faced by a patient, thus improving their quality of life and potentially improve their chances in the long term.

2. Why is there so much disagreement about the effectiveness of stem cells?

Many of the treatments reported so far do not consider variables such as the number of cells that must be generated, the purity of the cells, their phenotype, and biological quality. Also appropriate clinical monitoring is still in its infancy stage, which has generated controversy.

While stem cells from adipose tissue have been used for multiple medical conditions for twenty years, many people still consider these therapies as something “new and experimental,” but many cases of patients have been identified for whom treatment with stem cells have been very effective.

3. How do I identify that I’m receiving an authentic treatment with MSC?

Currently there are many centers that say “stem cells” to be used as treatment, however, do not have the appropriate facilities or the suitable specialist personnel for processes with high quality standards. Therefore, patients should make sure of the trajectory of the responsible experts, whether there are quality controls in the facilites ensuring that genuine stem cells are being used. These treatments using advanced technology in laboratory processes are expensive.

4. What is the cost of Therapy with MSC’s?

The value of treatment starts at $18,500. This value varies according to the condition of the patient and the selected treatment protocol. The protocol process is tailored to the patient individual needs and clinical diagnosis.

5. What kind of patients are not accepted for treatment?

Our scientific medical committee will decide if a patient is a good candidate to receive the treatment. We will not offer therapy if we believe that there is potential danger; insignificant or not, or if there will be no real benefit to the patient.

6. Can a mesenchymal stem cell treatment cause cancer?

No, adult stem cells have a very low probability of producing cancer in patients without this background. In fact, scientists are now discovering ways to use the “killer cells” in the umbilical cord and adult stem cells to attack tumors and treat patients with cancer. This situation would be presented only by making use of pluripotent cells, which is not a part of treatment at BioXcellerator.

7. Are there any side effects?

It is a very safe therapy in which there are typically no side effects.

8. Will smoking or drinking alcohol affect the therapy?

The consumption of alcohol and tobacco can be detrimental to the new stem cells. The patient should refrain from consumption during their treatment and for a time after the completion of the procedure.

9. How soon will I notice results?

Treatment in each individual is unique, therefore results will vary. Some patients feel changes in only a few days after the treatment, others may take months.

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