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Back Spasms & Stem Cells: A different approach to relief

Back Pain

Back spasms are one of the leading symptoms of back pain. They can completely disrupt a patient’s way of life. Any patient could be out and enjoying their day when a back spasm will render them completely paralyzed with pain.

Back spasms are also very frequent in athletes. They become dependent on a certain group of muscles, which makes them more prone to back spasms. The intensity and twisting motion of their sport also can heavily contribute to back spasms. Let’s dive into the definition of back spasms and find a better way to treat them.

What is a Back Spasm?

A back spasm is a sudden, involuntary contraction of a muscle in the back. Generally, a back spasm is incredibly painful to a patient and it can occur at any time. Back spasms can be caused by a number of different issues. Doctors often have trouble diagnosing the underlying medical issue, which is causing the back spasm.

If the spine starts to twist and bend then a patient can experience a back spasm. Often times there is little a patient can do to prevent a back spasm. If you have a manual labor job then it is extremely common for you to have experienced back spasms at some point in your career.

The worst part of back spasms is that millions of people are receiving the wrong form of treatment. Opioids are commonly prescribed for patients with back pain and back spasms. This may not be in a patient’s best interest though.

Short Term Fixes

When a patient is experiencing a high volume of back spasms they may be tempted to look for anything that will stop their spasms. This can easily lead to patients and their healthcare professionals down the incorrect path. Muscle relaxers can easily stop a patient from experiencing back spasms, but are they a good choice for the overall health of a patient?

Muscle relaxers may provide relief in the short term. The issue is that it is only a short-term fix. Patients could easily become addicted to the medication if it is not carefully monitored. No medical professional wants their patient to become another victim of the opioid epidemic.

Muscle relaxers also do not solve the medical issue that the patient is experiencing. They only make living with back spasms possible for patients. If a patient is using muscle relaxers while they are waiting for another form of treatment then that is acceptable. Relying on muscle relaxers to fix the problem that result in back spasms is a fool’s errand.

A study looked into how muscle relaxants were affecting patients over a long period of time. The study showed that more than 44% patients were prescribed muscle relaxants for more than a year. That is disturbing as more muscle relaxers are only meant to be prescribed for short term use.

Scarily, taking muscle relaxers led to a 50% increased risk of adverse events for patients. Sedation, headaches, blurred vision, and dependency were also shown to be risks for patients who were prescribed muscle relaxers for more than a year. Muscle relaxers are simply not a long-term solution for patients with back spasms.

Patients should seek treatment options other than muscle relaxants or opioids. An alternative treatment could save a patient from the horrors of addiction. One newer form of treatment for back spasms that researchers are looking into is stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment offers a new way to prevent and treat back spasms. Stem cells are not a short term treatment like muscle relaxants. Patients can finally be free of the nuisance of back spasms if they explore stem cell treatment.

Stem cells will target the actual medical issue that your back is experiencing. The tissue, ligaments, cartilage, and bone can be healed through stem cell therapy. The stem cells rebuild the damaged area of the back. Whether it is a ligament or tissue that is causing the back spasms, stem cells can fix nearly any issue that results in back spasms.

This form of treatment could actually save lives by taking patients off of addictive and deadly medication. Patients can relieve their pain and set themselves up for long-term success. They will be able to go about their daily lives without having to worry about back spasms.

An amazing story about an infant girl with epilepsy showcased just how powerful stem cell therapy can be. The little girl was experiencing extreme infantile spasms, which no specialist could prevent. The family then learned about stem cell therapy and knew that it was their last chance for their child. After just one stem cell therapy treatment, the little girl’s spasms were completely cured. She also progressed in many other areas because of the therapy and she went on to receive three stem cell treatments. A patient with back spasms can see similar results if they receive the proper type of stem cell therapy.

Talk with your medical professional about treatment options for your back spasms. Stem cells could be your golden ticket for dealing with and preventing back spasms. Your quality of life will improve dramatically.

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