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About BioXcellerator: Leading the way in stem cell therapy

Advanced treatments help treat disease, heal injuries, alleviate chronic pain, and potentially reduce the impact of aging.

As one of the world’s leading cell research and treatment centers, BioXcellerator offers hope to patients who suffer from a wide range of diseases and disorders—with therapies that also help extend longevity, improve immunity, and enhance the overall quality of life,

Backed by 22 years of clinically based research, the company’s team includes leading scientists, physicians, and researchers who work each day with one common mission—to help end pain and suffering worldwide.

The company treats patients for spine and disc conditions, sports and orthopedic injuries, autoimmune disorders, traumatic brain injuries, CTE, and other disorders. Some patients receive treatments to fade scars and wrinkles to rejuvenate their skin.

Each patient’s therapy plan is personalized to meet specific health goals and needs, but regardless of specific health issues, stem cell treatments demonstrate exceptional potential to help the body boost immunity, enhance performance, and potentially reduce the impact of aging.

Signature Cells—All Stem Cells are Not Alike

While stem cells come from many sources, BioXcellerator has created a proprietary process to assure that patients receive the most potent and viable stem cells possible—Signature Cells. These cells are created from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from Wharton’s jelly in donated umbilical cords. This process screens for specific properties to identify cells that have the highest levels of anti-inflammatory and immune modulation properties that provide superior regeneration and healing potential.

According to BioXcellerator CEO Eric Stoffers, “Pioneering innovations such as Signature Cells represents only one example of our mission to not only treat specific diseases and injuries, but to optimize overall health.”

A Growing Reputation for Exceptional Results

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, BioXcellerator operates its clinic in Medellin, Colombia. As the company’s reputation has grown, a wide range of well-known athletes and celebrities have traveled to Colombia for treatment.

Some of these patients include:

  • UFC heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell who said that since his treatment, After BioXcellerator stem cell therapy, the pain in my shoulder has been dramatically reduced. My back and neck pain are gone. I’m 50 now; my energy wasn’t what it was even just 5 years ago.” and that “BioXcellerator stem cell therapy transformed my life.”
  • Former NFL quarterback and Super Bowl champion Jim McMahon who said that “BioXcellerator has given me my life back” and that the results are “truly miraculous.”

Plus, thousands of everyday people like you and I, patients such as:

  • Marc Hines, an attorney treated for lower lumbar pain and cervical spine pain says, “I’ve been learning a lot about what the stem cell therapy did for me. Stuff that I didn’t even know it was going to do until I listened to the [Joe Rogan] podcast [with Mel Gibson].” “I recommend BioXcellerator stem cell therapy to all athletes and people looking to improve their health and performance and recover from injuries. It worked for me.”
  • Marvella Stewart, a loving mother & wife treated for TBI & chronic pain, “I don’t even have the words! I was in such pain for four months after my car accident, now two days after my stem cell procedure and thus far, I have zero pain. I have a new lease on life, I am having such a great morning. I am feeling grateful and blessed to be pain free and living life again.”

According to CEO Eric Stoffers, there is a growing list of the types of therapies that can be customized for patients.

“As our research continues, we’re discovering how stem cell therapy can regenerate tissues and promote healing throughout the body,” he said. “While we help patients cope with many different health issues, most patients come to us for treating autoimmune and degenerative disorders, sports and orthopedic issues, chronic pain, and skin rejuvenation.”

“And I’m proud of how our team has extended our reputation in the scientific community and worked diligently to advance stem cell therapy science and research globally so more people can benefit from these therapies,” he added. “In fact, our medical and scientific teams have contributed to the BioXcellerator clinic attaining ISO certification, certification in good clinical practice as well as publishing many papers on umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells in leading scientific journals and speaking at stem cell therapy conferences around the world.

More Effective Treatment Potential Using High-Potency Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy works because stem cells can become any type of cell the body needs to repair damaged tissues.

The company’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Karolynn Halpert explained that this approach recognizes that “the body knows how to heal itself” and that these types of treatments offer promise to “make significant progress that will lead to a new age in medicine to effectively treat degenerative and disabling diseases.”

She explained that the company harvests cells that are selected from only the healthiest donors, screened to eliminate diseased cells, and are then cultured and expanded into highly concentrated infusions of millions of high-potency stem cells.

A 5-Star Experience


BioXcellerator has operated in Medellin, Colombia since 2018, and in 2022 opened new its 10,000 square-foot state-of-the-art clinic and research facility–in a world-class medical tower.

The tower is directly connected to the well-known Tesoro mall and hotel, which offers plenty of shopping and fine-dining choices, and a first-class spa and fitness center that patients and their families enjoy visiting during their visit to the clinic.

One patient, Dr. Beau Hightower, called his experience at BioXcellerator “amazing from the moment I was picked up at the airport.”

“To get to the clinic you literally walk from the hotel, into the mall and into the medical tower—so it’s a seamless experience,” he added. “The city, the amazing food, the ‘eternal spring’ climate, the fascinating tours, and the concierge-style service was an exceptional health and wellness vacation experience I’ll always remember.”

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