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Athletes with Sports Injuries Don’t Have to Settle for Slow Recovery

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Increasingly more is asked of our top athletes with each and every passing year. Coaches and organizations are constantly pushing their players to the limit. As a result, injuries are becoming more commonplace –– even with the state-of-the-art facilities and technology available to players.

Organizations, fans, and athletes alike are looking for that secret sauce to limit their star player’s time on the bench. Getting any edge on the competition can mean the difference between winning a championship and missing the playoffs. Finding a way to minimize an athlete’s recovery time is a billion dollar industry that has the top minds in the scientific community scrambling.

Some player injuries are so severe that just stepping on the field again would be a miracle. Post-game life after surgery can be a big ‘if’ for athletes that need surgery to return to their sport. A full recovery is unlikely most of the time for athletes that receive intensive surgery, so athletes are looking for any non-surgical option and treatment method they can utilize to make a full recovery otherwise.

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Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy are two viable options that can change the course of an athlete’s recovery. Shorter recovery time and decreased re-injury rates have been shown in athletes who decide to undergo cell regenerative treatments.

There is a lot of fear that many groups have tried to instill in the general public about cell generative treatments. They claim that stem cell treatments are phony and do not make any real changes in a patient’s recovery. This could lead to an amateur athlete deciding to undergo unnecessary surgery even though alternative treatments would have been a better fit. That claim is consistently being refuted by the scientific community as more data has become available to the public and thus confirms the efficacy of cell generative treatments.

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Taking Recovery Seriously

Some of the greatest athletes in the world have received stem cell treatments. Rafael NadalPeyton Manning, and Cristiano Ronaldo are just a few of the top athletes that have chosen to undergo stem cell treatments to speed up their recovery process after surgery. These athletes want to improve their recovery times, as well as their long term injury prospects. Nadal and Ronaldo both looked like teenagers after their recoveries. Journalists and fans alike noticed a fresh, light bounce in their step.

Right here at BioXcellerator we have treated numerous professional athletes.

An MMA fighter, Chael Sonnen, traveled to our facility to receive a stem cell treatment. Millions of stem cells were injected intravenously into Sonnen’s bloodstream, repairing past damage and combating the daily grind of an MMA fighter. He is one of the many athletes that have reported success by utilizing our treatment facilities.

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Long Recovery Times and Reinjury

Surgery is the last word that an athlete wants to hear from their physician. Going under the knife is a scary proposition for a professional athlete who earns their living with their body. A myriad of questions pop up when a professional athlete is faced with surgery.

How long will I be out? Will I ever be the same athlete? How can I get back to where I was?

These questions are very dependent on an athlete’s age, severity of injury, and the sport that they play. A torn meniscus in golf is much different than a torn meniscus in football. These factors have to be taken into account when choosing the correct medical treatment for a patient. For example, a torn ACL can last anywhere from two to six months, with a full range of motion returning within 9 months or more. That number can vary greatly depending on all the aforementioned factors.

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Reinjury is a common occurrence in certain types of injuries, such as a rotator cuff tear. Rotator cuff and ACL injuries have some of the highest retear rates. These constant injuries can end a professional athlete’s career. Luckily, there have been promising studies that suggest that stem cell injections and PEP can return the ligaments to pre-injury strength and durability.

Many athletes never return to their full abilities after a serious surgery. Even if a player is able to regain their full motion, there is no surefire way to ensure that their ligaments and muscles will return to a pre-injury level.

There are countless athletes who have tried every type of treatment possible for their injury and believe that surgery is their only option. Many athletes are unaware that they could be potential candidates for stem cell therapy. Our group of talented medical professionals evaluate your specific injury and medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for stem cell treatment.


A Future With No Surgery

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Depending on the severity and type of injury, you may be able to return to your favorite sport with a full recovery just a few months after a serious injury. Meanwhile, your teammate who decided to go the conventional route will potentially have to suffer for years before being able to get their full range of motion back. That’s time that you cannot get back if you choose conventional surgery.

A stem cell treatment could be your golden ticket to getting back in action as soon as possible. Faster recovery times and less re-tear rates will propel you to the top of your game.

Stem cell therapy should not be considered magic, though it may seem like it. A skilled healthcare professional with years of experience should administer the treatment to increase the likelihood of success. Stem cell treatment can be your secret weapon to returning back to your sport of choice stronger and faster than before.

Make sure that you have a serious discussion with your healthcare professional about all of the options available to you. Getting back out on the field as soon as possible should be your number one priority.

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