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MMA Fighter Chael Sonnen travels to Medellin, Colombia to receive Stem Cell Treatment at BioXcellerator

It is not the first time that a famous athlete decides to do treatments with stem cells to improve their quality of life. Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, Kobe Bryant, among others have opted for this path towards bodily revitalization using stem cell therapies.

Chael Sonnen, mixed martial arts fighter in the United States, who traveled to BioXcellerator in Medellin, Colombia was given an opportunity to these innovative treatments.

He performed a rejuvenation treatment, in which millions of stem cells are injected through an IV directly into the blood stream.  As they circulate, they locate damage and past injury, focus on inflammation and combat the wear and tear of athletes as well as daily life. These stem cells are unique in that they can differentiate into many different cell types to regenerate and renew damaged or diseased cells, repairing and rejuvenating damaged tissues caused by a myriad of  health conditions. They also have the potential to slow down the aging process for improved performance and a more youthful appearance.

Watch videos of Chael Sonnen talking about the lived experience.


An interview by our CMO Ben Smith.

Watch the full interview here!

Chael was staying at the Atton Hotel, which is located in El Tesoro, the same shopping mall where the medical tower is located in which BioXcellerator has its facilities. The walk between the hotel and BioXcellerator is around 3 minutes inside the shopping center.  Patients of BioXcellerator love the convenience and comfort of having hundreds of shops, 50 plus restaurants all connected.  Many say they could enjoy the experience with out ever leaving the comfort of the mall, clinic and hotel.  Amazing views, great people and an overall great experience.

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Here is a video that shows this walk.

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