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Wrist and Hand Pain and Injuries

How Can Stem Cells Treat Wrist and Hand Pain and Injuries?

Wrist and hand pain, whether caused by arthritis, injury, or other degenerative condition, can become chronic and debilitating. Regardless of the cause, pain can limit strength, mobility, and athletic performance. Over time, this pain may interfere with everyday life, affecting your ability to participate in sports, use your phone, or perform daily chores around the house.

Traditional treatments such as medications may merely mask pain, and while surgery is sometimes recommended, the recovery time can be extensive and poses risks of complications.

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Stem Cell Therapy Can Help to:

  • Promote healing
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Reduce recovery time from injuries and surgeries
  • Extend range of motion
  • Heal muscle, ligament, tendon, and bone
  • Regenerate worn cartilage to ease pain

World Leader in Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy offers new hope to patients when standard treatments such as medications or surgery may provide only temporary relief or no relief at all. At BioXcellerator, our therapies and protocols take advantage of the body’s natural healing process to help:

  • Promote healing
  • Alleviate chronic pain
  • Avoid surgery for some patients
  • Improve overall quality of life
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You Have Treatment Options for Hand and Wrist Pain

Get back on the road to recovery. Find out how BioXcellerator advanced stem cell therapy can help stimulate healing and alleviate pain from wrist and hand injuries.

Citations and Scientific References

Our medical team takes pride in our reputation for collaborating with other scientists worldwide on research studies and those associated with established scientific publications. Review these published studies that support the science of our treatment protocols.


Common Conditions We Treat

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Ligament sprains or tears

  • Tendon damage
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • De Quervain tenosynovitis
  • Dupuytren’s contracture

  • TFCC tear
  • Trigger finger
  • Osteoarthrosis
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Signature Cells

Proprietary Protocols. Based on Advanced Science.

The most effective stem cell therapy starts with the best possible cells. BioXcellerator Signature Cells are produced from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from Wharton’s jelly umbilical cord tissue.

Then, based on our proprietary protocols, these cells are cultured and expanded in our on-site lab—and tested to make sure they meet high standards for purity and potency, and demonstrate:

  • High levels of anti-inflammatory properties
  • The best potential for modulating the immune system
  • More potential for stimulating healing

Discover how Signature Cells and our advanced treatment protocols can promote healing, reduce inflammation, and help you enjoy a more active lifestyle with less pain.

Real People. Real Results.

Meet patients who now enjoy better health, more energy, and less pain—and who get more out of life—thanks to advanced stem cell therapy for wrist and hand pain.

Claire Ownby

BioXcellerator Patient

Treated for Wrist Pain

I came down to have some wellness treatments and to have my wrists injected. The facility is super sophisticated. I was actually really pleasantly surprised. The staff here is incredible. Everyone here is so genuinely caring. It really makes the experience feel personalized. It’s quick, it’s easy, and before I knew it, it was over. I actually feel great! I slept fine the night after without the need to take any additional medications. and I think the more that I continued to move the better I felt—so 100 percent come, no hesitation.

Gary Dean Son

BioXcellerator Patient

Treated for Hand Pain and Foot Pain

The first time I was here, there was a very big change in my left hand. The pain went away, and my grip strength improved about a month later. Also, the pain in my right foot, a month later, was gone and never returned. I feel like I’m visiting family here. They care in a very personal way about my health. They make the whole process easy and streamlined. Someone meets you at the airport. The clinic is connected to the hotel with a shopping mall that has a lot of restaurants, so they couldn’t make it any easier.

Andy Macdonald

Professional Skateboarder

Treated for Wrist Pain

I’ve been skateboarding for 35 years. I didn’t have one trauma, but just overuse and repetitive degeneration, particularly in my right wrist to the point where I can’t skate without wrapping it with a brace or sleep well at night. Everything was super professional. I had stem cells injected and I was bit nervous. I can’t say it’s a pleasant experience, but I was pleasantly surprised by how mellow it was.  Everyone in the U.S. is a little bit skeptical about coming to Colombia, but I can honestly say this is top-notch.

Frank Mir

UFC Champion Fighter

Treated for Wrist Pain and Hand Pain

This is my second treatment because I saw such great results the first time. Last time I had a broken hand, we did that, and my hand is 100 percent now. Coming here a second time, I brought my daughter Bella because she has a very physical career as a wrestler and fighter and looking to push her career in those areas.  She said that after just a couple of days she felt a major difference. Her wrist doesn’t hurt, she can move her  arm completely above her head and that it’s crazy how fast this works.

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