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Yurany Blanquiceth


Biologist with a master’s degree in Basic Biomedical Sciences (Universidad de Antioquia). She has 5 years of experience in basic research participating in projects focused on the study of the immune system in different inflammatory models. Within the framework of these projects, she implemented a mouse model to assess the role of regulatory T cells in the resolution of inflammation. Her experience in the laboratory and with animal models includes processing murine organs (lymphoid nodes, spleen, peripheral blood, and lungs), obtaining primary cultures from tissues, and peripheral blood mononuclear cells separation. Yurany also has the knowledge of flow cytometry, ELISA, and Real-time PCR for quantification of gene expression. As part of the BioXtech team, she supports WJ-MSC obtention, expansion, and cryopreservation procedures, as well as the design and writing of research projects. Currently, its objective is the implementation of a flow cytometry unit that will allow us to study the immunomodulatory role of WJ-MSC, as well as support the search for strategies to implement new advanced therapies with NK and CAR-T cell models, and thus offer cutting-edge therapeutic alternatives with a multidisciplinary approach.

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