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Valentina Mesa, MD

Alternative Medicine Specialist

Dr. Valentina Mesa is a physician and surgeon who graduated from the University of Antioquia. She specializes in alternative therapies and plant pharmacology, holding a degree from Juan N. Corpas University. Furthermore, she has pursued studies in Homotoxicological Medicine with Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Functional Medicine with EAFIT University and Fundanatura. Valentina has also completed Clinical Practice Modules (IFMCP) and Advanced Functional Medicine (APM) courses through the IFM.

With extensive training and ongoing education, Valentina has deepened her knowledge in various ozone therapy techniques both domestically and internationally, including in the United States. She is proficient in interpreting epigenetic analyses and providing personalized counseling, integral to her holistic approach to therapy.

Valentina remains committed to staying updated in her field, actively participating in national and international congresses, as well as pursuing courses and diploma programs related to peptide therapies, hormone replacement, and other alternative therapies.

Through her work in regenerative medicine, Valentina has witnessed the tangible impact of scientific evidence on patient outcomes, reinforcing her dedication to this medical specialty. She prioritizes personalized and high-quality patient care, considering it fundamental to the ethos of her clinic.

At BioXcellerator, Valentina plays a pivotal role in guiding patients through the medical process, overseeing Special IV Drips, Hyperbaric Chamber treatments, Ozone Therapy, Cryotherapy, and Epigenetics at the clinic.

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