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Nick Lukich

Patient Advocate

Nick's journey with BioXcellerator started as a patient dealing with debilitating back and neck pain rooted in 20+ years of martial arts and sports-related disc injuries. Stem cell treatment became his transformative solution to avoiding surgery, bringing about profound results in his spine, hips, and shoulders.

Driven by a strong desire to help others, Nick channels his passion for fitness, health, and scientific advancements. His past role as a medical device representative provided him with a wealth of experience collaborating closely with surgeons and hospital staff.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Nick finds enjoyment in quality family time, outings with friends, cars and motorcycles, as well as traveling. His commitment to a healthy active lifestyle shines through in his routine, which includes rigorous strength workouts, invigorating ice baths, PEMF therapy, and hot sauna.

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