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Natalia Zapata, MD

General Practitioner, CCP Coordinator

Doctor Natalia Zapata is a general practitioner with four years of experience in areas including emergencies, outpatient care, and teleconsultation. Her commitment goes beyond traditional care; she stands out for her dedication to exploring and applying information technology and data science in healthcare. Her passion for innovation and continuous improvement has led her to serve as the coordinator of the Clinical Care Program, where she leads with a vision focused on excellence and quality in healthcare.

As part of her commitment to technological advancement in medicine, Dr. Zapata has dedicated herself to exploring how digital tools and data analysis can optimize the healthcare process. Her experience includes implementing clinical information management systems, developing algorithms for disease tracking, and utilizing mobile technology to enhance doctor-patient communication.

In addition to her work in medical information technology, Dr. Zapata is also a passionate advocate for continuous medical education. She actively participates in conferences on the role of technology in improving healthcare and has collaborated on inter-institutional research projects.

With a global perspective in mind, Dr. Zapata is committed to creating innovative solutions that enhance healthcare everywhere. Her inspiring leadership and dedication to excellence make her a prominent figure in the field of digital health and data-driven medicine.

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