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Mauricio Daza Sáenz, MD, Esp

Sports Medicine Physician

Dr. Mauricio Daza, a graduate with distinction from the National University of Colombia, emerges as a specialist in Sports Medicine with more than six years of clinical experience, marking his career with a singular focus on athletes' biomechanical and cardiovascular adaptations.

With a solid academic background, Dr. Daza has excelled as an athletic physician in specialized obesity programs and working closely with young athletes. Their proactive and personalized approach has been vital to optimizing the performance and health of their patients.

An active participant in research studies, Dr. Daza, has explored the complexities of biomechanical and cardiovascular adaptations in athletes. His dedication to research has added depth to understanding physiological processes in the field of sport.

Dr. Daza stands out for his anthropometry expertise, which is certified by the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK). His skill in the precise location of anatomical references has contributed to personalized and effective treatments for his patients.

With certification in anatomical reference placement and training in ultrasonography, Dr. Daza has demonstrated advanced skills in invasive treatments for pathologies of the joint system. His expertise in viscosupplementation and application of advanced therapies has raised the bar in sports medicine.

Dr. Daza has shared his experience as a recognized speaker at renowned international congresses, including the XXVIII International Congress of the Society of Biomechanics. Its participation in countless national and international congresses demonstrates its commitment to constant updating and the exchange of knowledge at a global level.

Dr. Daza has established himself as an expert in sports-related pathologies and has developed innovative approaches to treating obesity. Their comprehensive approach addresses athletic performance, metabolic health, and overall well-being.

As a dedicated practitioner, Dr. Daza has expanded his knowledge with additional studies in supplementation and training to improve body composition. His ability to communicate assertively positions him as an approachable physician committed to understanding and collaborating with his patients.

With a track record of remarkable achievement and an evident passion for continuous improvement, Dr. Mauricio Daza is an influential leader in Sports Medicine, defining new standards in health care and sports performance.

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