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Mario Alberto Mercado, MD, Esp

Sports Medicine Physician

Dr. Mario Mercado is a distinguished specialist in Applied Medicine to Physical Activity and Sports, with more than 20 years of clinical experience supporting his outstanding career. He graduated from the University of Antioquia and has dedicated his career to promoting health and sports performance.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mercado has worked with athletes in the field of high performance, collaborating with professional football teams and national teams in various disciplines. His comprehensive approach has enabled the optimization of athletic performance and the prevention of injuries.

An active participant in research studies, Dr. Mercado has explored the relationships between sports training and its clinical implications and metabolic conditions in the general population. His contributions have enriched understanding the intersections between medicine and physical activity.

With exceptional skills in designing cardiovascular and musculoskeletal rehabilitation programs, Dr. Mercado has coordinated fitness centers and excels in invasive treatments for joint and musculoskeletal system pathologies. Their innovative approach incorporates advanced techniques such as ultrasonography and viscosupplementation.

Dr. Mercado is distinguished by his ongoing interest in developing treatments based on advanced therapies with Wharton's gelatin stem cells. His experience in invasive treatments for pathologies of the joint and musculoskeletal system is supported by extensive training in ultrasonography as a guide for procedures, providing innovative and practical solutions to his patients.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Mercado has been a university professor, imparting knowledge in exercise physiology and pathologies associated with sports. His ability for assertive communication is reflected in his participation as a speaker in national and international congresses, where he shares his experience and knowledge with the medical community.

Dr. Mercado has participated as a physician for the Medical Commission and Anti-Doping Unit of the South American Football Confederation, demonstrating his commitment to sports integrity and ethics.

Active in training new professionals, Dr. Mercado participates in mentoring sports medicine residents, contributing to the growth and development of the next generation of health and performance experts.

With a solid academic foundation, a track record of influential research, and a passion for continuous improvement, Dr. Mario Mercado positions himself as a leader in sports medicine, standing out for his advanced clinical skills and his commitment to teaching and research.

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