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Karolynn Halpert, MD

Chief Medical Officer

A co-founder of BioXcellerator and BioXtech, Chief Medical Officer Halpert leads our scientific, medical, and research teams that are dedicated to translational research in regenerative medicine and advanced cell therapy.

Over her career, Dr. Halpert has gained a reputation as a pioneer in building multidisciplinary teams and strategic research platforms to advance cell therapy science, primarily through clinical studies using human umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to treat serious diseases and conditions. Thanks to her leadership, BioXcellerator has become a global leader in cell therapy. In fact, Dr. Halpert and the medical and scientific teams she leads have contributed to the company attaining ISO certification and certification in good clinical practice. She and her teams have published many papers on MSCs in leading scientific journals.

Before co-founding BioXcellerator, Dr. Halpert led a team of 100 medical professionals at a prestigious hospital in Medellin. She is also a co-founder of BioXscience, a research and innovation center focused on developing evidence-based knowledge on advanced therapies.

Her personal and professional goal is to provide hope and quality of life to people suffering from degenerative and disabling diseases. Dr. Halpert often answers questions about why she became a doctor in a lighthearted way—pointing out that both of her parents are physicians, so “medicine is in my DNA.”

She earned her MD from Universidad CES, one Colombia’s top-rated medical universities and is an internationally recognized speaker at many cell therapy conferences around the world.

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