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Visit Colombia for Stem Cell Wellness Vacation

Christina traveled to Medellin Colombia to shoot content for her TV show. She and her team recorded an episode on a health tourism trip in which they visited places within the city that promoted a healthy lifestyle.

One of these places was BioXcellerator, where she decided to apply to herself regenerative treatments with stem cells and BioXgel. The first treatment was Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which helps the body accelerate the natural healing processes we all have; then a rejuvenation treatment was applied, in which millions of stem cells were injected through IV and finally she received an aesthetic treatment on her face, where BioXgel and stem cells injections were applied to regenerate the skin tissue, recover the collagen and help the disappearance of wrinkles.


We are a company interested in improving and helping to maintain the health of people, so based on the positive experience of our patients and constant innovation in stem cell treatments, we offer regenerative medical therapies to treat various autoimmune, musculoskeletal and neurodegenerative, among others, and thus bring well-being to our patients.

Our organization has quickly become the leader in the field of regenerative medicine, treating patients from around the globe with the latest and safest protocols and treatment options. Known as pioneers in the field of stem cell and biotechnologies, our physicians are actively involved in patient treatment.

Our Clinic is Located in Medellín, Colombia

Medellin’s reputation as an important city for medical tourism has spread beyond the country’s borders to accommodate patients from all over the globe! Every year, thousands of foreigners come to the city of Medellin for medical procedures.

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The most common treatments are plastic surgery, refractive surgery, dental procedures, transplants as well as treatments related to heart problems and cancer. In the past months, the patients that travel to Medellin to receive a regenerative medicine treatment or a stem cells therapy have been increasing. Most clinics, hospitals and independent physicians are now aware of their international reach and third-party groups have organized to help assist the medical tourism industry.

This are the top reasons Medellin is being targeted for medical tourism:

  • Weather
  • Physicians
  • Cost
  • Facilities & Equipment

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