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Visit Guatape for an Unforgettable Colombian Experience

The BioXcellerator clinic is located in the incredible city of Medellin, Colombia. This city is filled with history and incredible cultural experiences. Many of our patients have never traveled to Colombia or the city of Medellin. There are countless attractions that you can enjoy in the city of Medellin. If you venture beyond the boundaries of Medellin, there are even more attractions that you can enjoy. In just a short two-hour drive, you can visit the Rock of Guatape. This is a physical, fun outdoor activity that will show you the beauty of the region of Guatape. Going to see a big rock may not seem like the most exciting attraction, but it is an incredible experience.

What is the Rock of Guatape?

The Rock of Guatape is also known as the El Peñón de Guatapé. The granitic rock remnant was formed about 65 million years ago and has registered weathering and erosion. Researchers theorize that the massive stone stands out from the surrounding bedrock because it is less fractured. The 10 million-ton rock rises almost 200 meters from the ground. The Colombian government made the Rock of Guatape a National Monument in the 1940s.

The Rock of Guatape has an interesting history. The indigenous Tahami, who used to inhabit the region, worshiped the rock. The first documented modern climb of the Rock of Guatape was on July 16th, 1954. The rock was likely climbed in earlier times, as older cultures worshiped the rock and may have attempted to scale it as well.

Luis Eduardo Villegas López, Pedro Nel Ramirez, and Ramón Díaz climbed the rock on a five-day journey. The climbers used sticks that were fixed against the wall of rock in order to scale the massive geological structure. Supposedly, a local priest encouraged the climbers to make the climbers. The top of the rock was so isolated that a new species of plant, known as Pitcairnia heterophylla, was discovered at the top.

On the western face of the Rock of Guatape, there are two painted white letters. There is a massive “G” and only part of a “U” that looks more like an “I.” The towns of Guatape and El Penol have had a long history of dispute over who owns the rock. The rock marks the boundary between the two towns.

The residents of Guatape decided to take ownership of the rock by going and painting “GU” on the rock. As the residents of Guatape painted the side of the rock, the residents of El Penol noticed. The residents of El Penol formed a mob and were able to stop the Guatape residents from finishing the painting.

Can I Climb the Rock of Guatape?

The Rock of Guatape is only a short two-hour drive from the city of Medellin. You may not believe that you can easily reach the summit of the Rock of Guatape, but in reality, most people can actually climb the Rock of Guatape. The entrance fee for climbing the Rock of Guatape is

just $6 USD. Visitors should be prepared for a workout as you will have to climb 649 stairs in order to reach the summit.

At the base of the rock, there are food and market stalls where visitors can purchase any supplies or souvenirs before or after making the climb to the top of the rock. If you forgot to bring something from Medellin, you can get it before making your journey up the rock. About halfway up the rock, there is a shrine to the Virgin Mary.

When you get to the summit of the rock, there is a small fenced area with vendor stalls where visitors can purchase souvenirs, food, and drinks. You can purchase locally made goods, handicrafts, and postcards. Visitors can also take in the incredible view from a three-story viewpoint tower. There are even a handful of outdoor tables where you can enjoy your snacks and a cold beverage after climbing the 649-step masonry staircase.

If you are looking for a fun, outdoor activity away from the hustle and bustle of Medellin, the Rock of Guatape is a great option. The BioXcellerator team is more than happy to arrange transportation and a local guide to take you to the Rock of Guatape. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have the best experience when visiting the city of Medellin. The Rock of Guatape is the perfect off-the-beaten-path experience if you are looking for a unique experience

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