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Learn how athletes are using stem cells and how it benefits you

top level athletes

top level athletes

More and more top-level athletes are turning to stem cell based therapies to heal their injuries and unlock a higher level of performance. They are seeing some serious results and are improving their lives both on and off of the court, field, and rink. But you are not a top-level athlete, so why would you care about what they are doing and what treatments they are using?

We all have aches and pains that we have been dealing with for far longer than we would like to admit. There is a lot of surprising commonalities between top-level athlete injuries and the injuries that a normal person sustains. Especially after an athlete retires from a gruesome sport such as football or hockey. Athletes have a lot of lingering issues that normal people experience as well and are looking for the best ways to heal themselves.

Taking Risks

These people use their bodies to make a living. Stem cell therapy can unlock athlete performance and allow them to earn more and play longer. They are trying to push their bodies to the limit and would only use procedures and therapies that will enhance their performance. Athletes are willing to try more experimental therapies to increase their longevity and recover from injuries.

Normal people have long benefited from athletes attempting new surgeries and procedures.

For example, Tommy John Surgery was first tried out on the MLB pitcher, Tommy John. The common surgery is now performed on average people all over the world. It is all thanks to an athlete who was willing to take a risk and push the boundaries. If Tommy John was not willing to try the surgery, it might have never been invented. Normal people enjoyed all the fruits of Tommy John’s surgery while bearing none of the risk.

Increasing Athlete Performance + Longevity

Even if you are just a casual athlete that competes at the amateur level, your game can benefit from stem cell therapy. You may be able to push your game far enough to finally win that league championship. You may not get paid like a top-level athlete, but you can still enjoy the glory of winning. Plus, you can play the sports that you love longer with stem cell therapy as your body can recover from years of wear and tear.

Athletes are increasing their longevity and playing longer than ever before. We see it across all sports. In tennis, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic all have stayed dominant well into their 30s. It was considered incredible if a tennis player was still playing at a top level when they turned 30.

Nadal actually received stem cell treatment in 2018 on his lower back to help heal some cartilage and joint damage. The effects of the stem cell treatment are clearly shown in his on court performances in 2019. Nadal won two grand slams, the French Open and the US Open. Nadal’s stem cell treatment can be used to help normal people who are experiencing similar back pain. Now we cannot promise that you will win the French Open and US Open after your treatment, but your back pain will certainly be alleviated.

Life Outside of Sports

Many former athletes actually pursue stem cell treatment for their lives outside of their sport. Plenty of athletes in the NFL, NHL, WWE, and MMA all have injuries they picked up during their career. Once they retire the pains and aches do not go away, in fact they often get worse.

Jack Nicklaus, the 18-time major winning golfer, had tremendous back pain that dated all the way back to his playing days. He received stem cell treatment back in 2016. The treatment was a complete success. He does not have any back pain anymore and can enjoy golf at a leisurely pace. You can use the same treatments to improve your quality of life as well. Granted, your injury might not be as severe as an ex-pro athlete, but you can still realize the benefits of similar stem cell treatments.

BioXcellerator Uses Top-Level Athlete Therapies

BioXcellerator has had world-class athletes receive stem cell treatment at the clinic in Medellin, Colombia. The athletes have come in for a wide variety of injuries and ailments. Every athlete received a unique treatment plan that would address their issues and improve their ability to perform in their respective sport. Some athletes were already retired and were looking to improve their health after their professional career.

We have all of the data and procedures on how exactly their treatment went and how they improved after they received their treatment. BioXcellerator can use this to identify the treatment plans that work the best for certain injuries and ailments. Your patient experience and treatment will hugely benefit from our experience working with some of the best athletes on the face of the planet.

These athletes can give hope to patients who have previously had none. Seeing an NFL player walk again or completely recover from a debilitating injury will encourage any patient that is dealing with a similar injury. Patients are not top-level athletes for the most part, but they can realize real benefits from athletes that have gone through treatment.

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