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What is the fastest way to recover from a slipped disc? 

If you have had the misfortune to endure a slipped disc, then you will no doubt be eager to find out what the fastest way to recover from your injury is.

Does a slipped disc require surgery?

Suffering from a slipped disc can be excruciatingly painful and render you unable to complete even basic daily tasks. After all, your spinal canal houses the central nervous system, which, when damaged, can set off a number of different problems around the body.

What are Best Ways to Treat Spinal Cord Injuries

Suffering from a spinal cord injury can be one of the most testing, upsetting and tumultuous times in anyone’s life. The psychological pain and strife can be conquered, even if it seems impossible at the time. 

What are the 5 Most Common Elbow Injuries?

Elbow injuries can be extremely painful, unsettling, and even debilitating at times. While they primarily occur through overuse or simple wear and tear from repetitive strain, countless activities may result in an injury if you are not too careful.

Best Ways to Treat Constant Knee Pain

One of the most debilitating ailments for someone is constant knee pain. Yet this chronic condition, a result of ailments such as osteoarthritis, affects many people from many different walks of life. The knee’s cartilage can wear away due to issues like age, wear, injury, or inflammation. The resulting pain makes it impossible for a person to live life to the full, whether it stops them from playing their favorite sport to being unable to walk comfortably. 

5 Reasons Why You Would Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy

In the never-ending quest to supply patients with the best treatment solutions possible, there’s one area that has experienced rapid growth and development in recent years: the regenerative medicine field. This field is headed by stem cell therapy, a treatment that aims to repair damaged, diseased, or dysfunctional tissues with stem cells. 

What is the best thing to do for frozen shoulder? Stem Cell treatment

Frozen shoulder, medically named adhesive capsulitis, is a shoulder condition that is mainly known for causing a severe loss of range of motion in the shoulder. Along with severe stiffness of the shoulder and significant loss of movement, this condition can be terribly painful and lead to a loss of function.  

What is the best treatment after a stroke? Stem Cells and Recovery

Every year, 15 million people suffer from stroke, according to the World Health Organization. Of these stroke sufferers, five million face permanent disabilities such as neurological impairment. 

Can you fully recover from a spinal cord injury? Stem Cell Treatment

Your spinal cord plays a significant role in every function of your body. And damage to the spinal cord results in a spinal cord injury, altering how your body functions. From weakness and changes in sensation to complete paralysis, spinal cord injuries have life-changing, lasting effects. Fortunately, science has made giant leaps and treatments like stem cell therapy show promising results.

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