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Hair loss an issue? Our stem cell therapy for hair re-growth is world renowned

Hair Loss

More than 80 million people in the United States deal with hair loss everyday. It can be a very discouraging condition as hair is one of the most important parts of any person’s makeup. Many men and women walk around and feel the shame and stigma of hair loss. Sadly, the first thing that a person is judged on most of the time is their looks. Hair loss can significantly reduce quality of life and lead to depression and self esteem issues.

There are a number of different causes of hair loss and a majority of the time it is not the patient’s fault. There are a number of genetic conditions that prevent any hair growth at all. Thankfully, stem cells are rapidly solving the problem of hair loss. Stem cells will lead to more vibrant and darker hair for anyone that is experiencing hair loss.

First we should discuss exactly what in the body is responsible for hair growth.

The Hair Follicle

The hair follicle controls all parts of hair characteristics. The cell that is responsible for hair growth rate, length, and thickness is the dermal papilla, which resides inside of the hair follicle. The dermal papilla could be the key to solving human hair loss.

Stem cells can completely rejuvenate, replace, and repair the hair follicle cells that are failing. There is a real possibility that stem cells are the answer for hair loss in any individual, no matter the cause of their baldness. Researchers, universities, and companies are rapidly pouring money and time into investigating how stem cells can solve hair loss.

There are currently 10 clinical trials that are investigating the use of stem cells to cure baldness. A new technique was revealed in 2019 that has the potential to cure baldness in anyone and produce natural human hair.

New Technique for Curing Baldness

A revolutionary new technique for growing hair is quickly being developed. Stem cells are at the heart of the new technique and it uses stem cells that are derived from a simple blood draw. It may be the first technique that is commercially available to the everyday person.

The technique uses a 3D biodegradable scaffold that functions as dissolvable stitches. The scaffold helps control the direction of the hair growth and allows the stem cells to penetrate the skin. The key part of the technique uses stem cells to create more dermal papilla. This will encourage the hair follicles to grow new human hair.

This is one of many techniques that are currently being investigated to solve human hair loss. A surgical approach that utilizes stem cells from various sources will likely be the most effective technique for treating hair loss. In a study from Italian researchers they noted that stem cell therapy led to a 29% increase in hair density after 23 weeks. Hopefully in the future stem cell techniques will be even more effective.

Stem cells will cure balding sometime in the not too distant future. Hair loss will become a problem of the past and everyone will be able to enjoy a full head of hair regardless of their age. Stem cell therapy can be a life changing procedure for you and your hair loss. Ensure that if you do decide to receive stem cell therapy that

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