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MMA Fighter Chuck Liddell Travels to Medellin, Columbia to Receive Stem Cell Treatment

Chuck Liddell is arguably the most famous Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter of all time. The first mixed martial artist to appear on ESPN the Magazine was none other than Chuck Liddell. He single-handedly had the biggest impact on the sport of UFC and is one of the key reasons the sport is so popular today.  Even the most famous athletes are susceptible to father time. Stem cell treatments are a viable option for aging athletes that are looking to improve the longevity of their careers.Chuck grew up in Santa Barbara, California where he was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother. His grandmother taught him boxing techniques from the time he could walk. Chuck had an impressive career outside of the UFC as well in amateur kickboxing where he had a record of 20-2. Needless to say, Chuck has put a lot of mileage on his body and stem cells could help rejuvenate some of that wear and tear.UFC fighters are plagued by a litany of injuries and problems. These fighters put their entire bodies on the line to attempt to best their opponents. Chuck had an extremely long career by UFC fighting standards. His first fight was back in 1998 and his last fight was on June 12th, 2010. Chuck has kept himself busy by starring in movies and television shows all while staying involved in UFC. But, that did not satisfy Chuck as he missed the octagon.

On April 14, 2018 Chuck announced that he was coming out of retirement to fight Tito Ortiz, whom he beat twice in his career. Ortiz bested Chuck in their comeback. Recovering from all of these fights can be brutal as fighters have to recover from the training as well as the fight itself. Chuck does not have any serious health problems, but after 30 professional fights in UFC he has a couple of bruises that could use some tending to.

This entire journey has led Chuck to Medellin, Colombia where he went to the BioXcellerator stem cell clinic to receive treatment. Chuck received injections of mesenchymal stem cells during his treatment. This type of stem cell is perfect for an athlete like Chuck. The stem cells can differentiate into various types of cells, which will help the body repair the damage that Chuck has taken over years of fighting.

His treatment took place over the course of a week where he enjoyed Medellin and all of the culture and charm that it has. Chuck is hoping to reduce his joint swelling, prevent the onset of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), and extend longevity. There is a lot of evidence that stem cells can help Chuck reach his goals of reducing his joint swelling and extending the longevity of his career should he choose to fight again. This legendary UFC fighter will be seeing the results of his stem cell treatment for years to come.

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