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Stem Cells Therapy Impact on Blood Sugar & Blood BioChemistry

Diabetic man checking blood sugar level at home

Diabetic man checking blood sugar level at home

Blood sugar and blood biochemistry are two important indicators of overall health. These two measures can help identify if something is off in a patient. Blood tests can help diagnose diseases by identifying certain blood biochemistry factors.

Blood sugar level is the concentration of glucose present in a patient’s blood. Unstable levels of blood sugar are often the result of the disease, diabetes. Blood biochemistry is all of the chemicals, vitamins, cells, and everything else that makes blood what it is. Blood sugar and blood biochemistry can be improved in nearly every patient, but often there is no clear path for improvement.

Stem cells may help improve blood biochemistry and have already shown that they can improve blood sugar levels. Let’s jump into the potential applications of stem cell therapy.

Stem Cells can Develop into Blood Cells

One very interesting recent result that researchers have found is that stem cells have the ability to transform into blood cells. This new method of blood cell production could potentially improve blood biochemistry.

The blood stem cells produces can be used in clinical applications to regenerate the blood and immune systems in patients. Not only that but, the stem cells can also be used in therapies and medications for blood diseases. Further research needs to be completed in order to understand how blood biochemistry can be improved with stem cell therapy. However, stem cell therapy has already shown that it can improve blood sugar levels.

Stem Cells can Replace Broken Insulin Cells to Improve Blood Sugar

For patients with diabetes the beta cell is broken, which leads to unstable levels of insulin and blood sugar levels. People with diabetes are more prone to heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, and other debilitating diseases. The cell that is responsible for insulin level detection and production is the beta cell.

Patients with damaged beta cells are unable to produce the proper amount of insulin to keep blood sugar levels stable. Stem cell therapy is a new and exciting method to fix diabetes. Stem cells can actually replace the beta cells that are not functionally properly. Beta cells will either be repaired or regenerated and the patient will be able to properly manage insulin levels without purchasing expensive insulin.

There is still some work to be done to create the right beta cell that produces the proper level of insulin. Once researchers figure out exactly how to do this, diabetes may become a disease of the past. A simple stem cell therapy procedure will replace all of the problematic beta cells and patients will no longer have to worry about pricking their finger to measure their blood sugar.

Stay on the lookout for news about stem cells and how they can improve blood sugar and overall blood biochemistry. Patient lives can be completely transformed by utilizing stem cell therapy to improve blood sugar levels and blood biochemistry. A professional stem cell therapy center can help you develop a custom health plan just for you.

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