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Bioxcellerator Chooses Name of Stem Cells Based on Proprietary Protocols


Signature Cells:
BioXcellerator selects names for stem cells based on proprietary protocols to identify high potency through key “molecular signatures”

When we founded BioXcellerator, our mission was clear – alleviate pain and suffering worldwide through advanced regenerative medical science, including stem cell therapy.

Today we take pride in our global reputation for treating patients for a wide range of diseases, injuries, and disorders – as well as systematic rejuvenation therapy to reduce inflammation and potentially delay the impact of aging.

As we continue our mission and commitment to innovative research and treatment, we’ve selected a name for the cells we use in our treatments that better reflects the advancements we’ve made to our proprietary protocol for producing high-potency stem cells. So our stem cells are now called BioXcellerator “Signature Cells.”

The branding of Signature Cells aligns closely with our science and research that’s based on identifying key molecular signatures that we use to carefully select stem cells for specific properties that indicate qualities that can be most effective for treating patients.

All stem cells are not alike: Specific molecular signatures indicate high potency and quality

One reason why more patients choose to visit our state-of-the-art clinic in Colombia is that our approach extends beyond treatment protocols to focus on the quality of the stem cells we produce.

Our approach is based on a simple premise. Stem cell treatment is likely to be far more effective if the stem cells infused demonstrate the highest possible potency. Higher quality cells send stronger signals to other cells that promote healing and are more effective at modulating the immune system to generate higher levels of anti-inflammatory factors.

Or to put it another way, treatment is likely to be less successful with low-quality cells.

Although many clinics offer different types of stem cells, BioXcellerator uses a specific type of cell — mesenchymal stem cells that come from the Wharton’s Jelly in donated umbilical cords. Years of research show that these cells tend to be more potent than other stem cells, such as cells that come from adult bone marrow or adipose tissue.

After screening out cells from all but the healthiest of donors, we then test the cells themselves for several specific genes, proteins, and other biomarkers that our research shows indicate higher levels of potency than other cells. Only the cells that meet our strict criteria for quality and potency qualify as Signature Cells, which are then purified and refined before being cultured and reproduced into infusions of millions of high-quality stem cells used for treatment.

This proprietary protocol has helped many BioXcellerator patients experience exceptional treatment outcomes and results.

So while our protocol hasn’t changed, the cells we produce are now called Signature Cells.

And our mission remains focused on helping patients enjoy longer and better lives and alleviating suffering worldwide.

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