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Lucas López, MD

Head of Epidemiology and Innovation Center

With extensive experience as an epidemiologist, Dr. Lopez earned his MD from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellin and his master's degree in epidemiology from CES University.

He has worked for the Institute for the Evaluation of Health Technologies (IETS) where he collaborated on the development of practice guidelines and clinical consensus, systematic reviews of literature for decision-making, and the use of evidence-based medicine to meet requests from government and regulatory agencies such as Colombia's National Ministry of Health and INVIMA.

Dr. Lopez has also been an adjunct professor at CES University and was Scientific Director of the CES Clinic, an organization dedicated to teaching, innovation, research, and knowledge transfer.

As Scientific Director at BioXcellerator, he has helped establish our Center for Innovation and Knowledge to collaborate with academic institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, private clinics, and other organizations.

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