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Stem Cell News

Curated news and information on stem cell therapies, protocols, and treatments that keep you in the know.  Subscribe and get updated when new information on how stem cells are being used around the world appear here.   Please note this information is not a diagnostic tool but simply a way to learn about new options to talk to your doctor or primary care physician about.

ATHLETES PUSH THEIR BODIES: 5 Famous athletes who used stem cell ...

In recent years, the stem cell therapy has become more common among professional athletes who require treatment of chronic pain. We have curated stories of five athletes who have all benefited from this treatment to get them back to the top of their game.

Did Jack Nicklaus pay too much for stem cells?

People living with chronic pain know that isn’t something anyone should have to go through, and no expense should be spared to alleviate it. Jack Nicklaus is a famous celebrity golfer that may be able to afford the hefty price tag of a Stem Cell Treatment, however, he probably still paid too much.  


When you go down, the moment of impact is not over.  Pain will impact your life even after surgeries, drugs and other treatments may not solve the problems.  Stem cells offer a unique healing proposition to restore the body from within, using its own biological agents to do the repairs.  Self healing at its best.