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When you go down, the moment of impact is not over.  Pain will impact your life even after surgeries, drugs and other treatments may not solve the problems.  Stem cells offer a unique healing proposition to restore the body from within, using its own biological agents to do the repairs.  Self healing at its best.
Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or simply have an aching joint, our team can help tailor a treatment using your own fat cells and extracting the powerful stem cells trapped inside.  Once processed those cells can be infused or injected directly to the point of pain.  We have seen immediate and long term decreases in chronic pain, joint injuries repaired and patients restored to their healthy, active lifestyle.
Below is an image of a knee injected with stem cells.  The left image is prior, bone on bone, causing severe pain, and creating an impaired mobility situation.  9 months after the stem cell injection, the right image shows the regrowth of the cartilage and restoration of the joint.  Contact our team for a free consultation to see if we can get you active and pain free too.
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