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Learn about Stem Cell treatments for Diabetes

The benefits of regenerative medicine    In BioXcellerator we work with cell therapy, in which new cells are introduced to the body to treat various diseases, including Diabetes. This involves a variety of cell types with regenerative, reparative, protective and immunoregulatory characteristics, among which are a type of cells called Stem Cells.


Because it is a recent therapy in Colombia, it is important to resolve the concerns that patients may have. Below we answer the most frequently asked questions:

5 Famous athletes who have used treatment with stem cells.

In recent years, the stem cell therapy has become more common among professional athletes who require treatment of chronic pain. Known five recognized athletes who have benefited from this treatment.

Controls the chronic pain and improves your life with stem cells.

Would you have said that your pain is not treatable?

Treating Diabetes with Stem Cells in Medellín

Let us introduce you to a successful case of a stem cell treatment of Diabetes at BioXcellerator in Medellín and see if this may be an alternative for your own medical condition.

The Power of a Rejuvenation Treatment

Discover the aesthetic benefits of stem cell therapy and why it's the favored choice for rejuvenation.

9 Common Questions Before Your First Treatment

We know that treatment with stem cells can generate some questions. Here are some of the common questions we encounter.

8 Myths of Stem Cells Clarified

There is erroneous speculation on this subject. We can clarify muth versus reality.

5 FAQ's About Stem Cell Therapy

1. Will stem cell therapy improve my condition?