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Dr. Karolynn Halpert

Medical Director

A medical specialist in Emergency Medicine of the CES University with a high ethical, social and human sense.  She has knowledge, skills, and abilities in the initial care of pre-hospital and hospital emergencies to achieve hemodynamic stability, make diagnoses and define behaviors, avoiding death, and minimizing the possible consequences derived from acute pathology.

With her administrative training, she has managerial skills that allow her to articulate planning, organization, direction, control and continuous improvement in a hospital setting.

Dr. Halpert comes to BioXcellerator after 10 years of experience as an Urgentologist and Director of Emergency of a prestigious clinic in the city of Medellin.  As Medical Director, she plans to lead the Regenerative Medicine Department in the city of Medellín, as well as position the clinic to pioneer stem cell therapy in Colombia. 

Among her other objectives, she hopes to create strategic alliances with Colombian academic and clinical research centers interested in innovation with advanced stem cell therapies.

Andrea Becerra C. PhD.

Lab Director

Bacteriologist and Clinical Laboratorist, Master in Basic Biomedical Sciences of El Bosque University and Ph.D. in Basic Biomedical Sciences with an emphasis in Neurosciences from the University of Antioquia. She has 10 years of research experience in the study of cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

Her work has been focused on the obtaining, separation, expansion and cryopreservation of stem cells: generating research work in the field of hematopoietic stem cell expansion, models of gene and cell therapy in cerebral ischemia, maintenance of the unit neurovascular, cellular reprogramming and generation of cerebral organoids.

Luz Adriana Bermúdez López RN

Nursing Director

Professional Nurse, specializing in Health Institutions Management, with a diploma in Quality Audit Health and Audit of Medical Accounts.

With thirteen years of professional experience,  she has exceeded defined goals. During her career, she's worked in institutions of low, medium and high complexity in health, thus enhancing her knowledge and skills.

Manuela Gómez

Connections and Medical Relations Leader

Manuela joins our team to expand the reach of the clinic.  She works with new patients to improve quality of life and creates strategic relationships with medical specialists contributing to the positioning of stem cell therapies.

Her studies in international business and her experience creating and executing marketing and sales strategies will help the growth of the Latin American clinic. She will focus on the methodology of Inbound Marketing and Sales.  Her command of English, Portuguese and German, will allow her to develop relationships at an international level.

Manuela's experience as a project manager allows her to lead processes and make use of optimal management resources, as well as, integrate different work teams and align them to achieve mutual goals.

Osman Mesa

Administrative Assistant

Health Administrator with an undergraduate in Business Administration, with 18 plus years of experience in the health sector, working with Clinics, Hospitals and Health Provider Institutions.

He Is a professional with the ability to analyze, plan, and control the administrative and operational processes of organizations with a high level of reliability.

Osman's fundamental objective is to offer his experience, innovative and creative capacity and his passion for the service of patients,  and their families during their stay in the clinic. He hopes to become the effective and timely communication channel between the medical team and the patient.

Ben Smith

Chairman of the Board, Bioxcellerator

Mr. Smith is the CEO of Xcellerate Biomedical Technologies INC. as well as the Chairman of the Board of Bioxcellerator.

He helped create Bioxcellerator to further assist in the expansion and growth of both our national and international businesses. He brings over 20 years of experience designing and building household brand names as an advertising strategist.  Ben has led sales and marketing divisions for exceptional organizations across North America, has worked for national technology consulting firms, and worked as a venture capitalist.

Ben holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and I.T. from the University of Arizona and has an extensive amount of experience in developing software, and implementation of technology labs.

His focus will be leading our team in developing a global brand geared towards research and commercial applications of stem cell technologies and products.

Dr. Mark R. Engelman, MD, FSCM

Board member, Bioxcellerator

Dr. Engelman is the Medical Director of Xcellerate Biomedical Technologies INC, Director of Integrative Medicine of Cyrex, and Board Member of Bioxcellerator.

Dr. Engelman was born in Columbus, Ohio, and earned a B.S. from Ohio State University, and an M.D. from O.S. University College of Medicine.

Dr. Engelman is one of twenty-two Stem Cell Fellows worldwide and completed a Fellowship in Stem Cell Medicine in 2012. He earned Advanced Fellowships in Anti-Aging, Integrative, Metabolic, and Functional Medicine in 2013. He completed Board Certifications in Anti-Aging, Integrative, Metabolic, and Functional Medicine in 2013.

In addition to memberships in:

  1. American Academy of Anti-Aging, Integrative, Functional Medicine
  2. Institute of Functional Medicine, and
  3. International Society for Stem Cell Research,


He founded The Engelman Health Institute in 2013.

Dr. Beatriz Palma-Zevallos

Board Member, Bioxcellerator

Dr. Zevallos is the South American Medical Director for Xcellerate Biomedical Technologies INC. and owner of Bella Body Aesthetics.


She is a Colombian doctor who has been working in the field of stem cells, aesthetics, and cosmetic surgery for over 6 years. As an international consultant and trainer, my goal is to provide medical practitioners with the necessary tools and skills to build a successful aesthetic practice, as well as increase productivity and revenue by using the latest treatments in medical weight loss, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine. 

After graduating from Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia, as a medical doctor in 2004, she moved to Miami, Florida, and started her own aesthetics company, Bella Body, Inc. She traveled back and forth between the US and Colombia as a consultant and trainer for a variety of international physicians and cosmetic surgeons. She has also been a trainer and speaker for the Aesthetic Fellowship of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and has written protocols and educational materials for various training programs including; adipose-derived stem cells, liposuction, and fat grafting.

Since working with American stem cell companies AdiStem™ and Ageless Regenerative Institute, her current focus is on stem cell research, therapy and training for aesthetic, anti-aging and orthopedic use, with the purpose of educating patients and medical professionals about this revolutionary field that is changing the way we practice medicine around the world.

Specialties: Aesthetic Medicine, Syringe Liposculpture, Laser Liposuction, Fat Grafting with Adipose Stem Cells, Facial Fillers, Botox®, Medical Weight Loss, Aesthetic Consulting, Cosmetic Surgery Training, Stem Cell Research and Therapy

Alvin D. Needleman, Chemist

Director of Product Development

Dr. Needleman is the Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder of Xcellerate Biomedical Technologies INC.

He is a Pharmacist and Cosmetic Chemist and internationally recognized Inventor, Formulator, and Entrepreneur.

For the past twenty-five years, Dr. Needleman has invented, formulated, and specialized in Nutraceuticals; an Anti-Aging Skin Care line, spa facial systems, medical devices, medical electronics, and clinically recognized therapeutic topical products. 

Eric Stoffers

Board Member, Bioxcellerator

Mr. Stoffers is a co-founder of Xcellerate Biomedical Technologies INC. and the CEO of Bioscience Americas.

He is an Investment Manager, Philanthropist, and Author of “The Future of Healthcare: Regenerative Medicine.”  With more than fifteen years of business and executive experience, he has taken on key leadership roles in both public and private companies.  His track record demonstrates a proven success at scaling businesses and increasing shareholder value.

Eric’s experience includes CEO of Bioscience Americas, Director of development for a medical facility in Latin America, Manager of Investment Fund acquisitions, as well a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust, and the development and expansion of a major U.S restaurant chain.

Eric is the Chairman and Trustee of Solutions for a Healthier World Foundation; a non-profit organization dedicated to treating people suffering from devastating diseases, through the most technologically advanced therapies.

Mr. Stoffers is a member of Toastmaster’s International, The Mankind Project, which is a global network of nonprofit organizations, and attended Northern Arizona University for a degree in Business Administration.

Juan Galan

Chief Financial Officer

Juan is an experienced CFO who has worked in many sectors, managing large-scale projects including in construction, healthcare, and product roll-outs.  His ability to create simplicity out of complex financial models allows companies to see the bottom line and make effective decisions for the future.

His background in developing business plans, raising capital and preparing SCC documentation make him a perfect addition to the team. He has successfully organized road shows where he raised dozens of million dollar financing rounds. He has structured deals and developed international partnerships resulting in the financial growth of dozens of companies.

Juan will oversee all the financial, treasury, banking, internal and external audit, business planning, investor relations, human resources, technology services, and facilities. 

Matthew Marks

Chief Strategy Officer


As Chief Strategy Officer, Marks is responsible for securing capital for research and development of stem cell treatment centers.  Marks brings a tremendous track record of success in raising capital, sales and marketing and in international business development.   He has served as an advisor and chief strategy officer to dozens of start-up and early-stage companies.

Prior to BioXcellerator, Marks was Founder & CEO of New Media & Entertainment Inc.   He also co-founded Compass Properties an International Real Estate Company (Now Compass Group).

Founder & President of Real Jaco: Academy of Leadership and Soccer, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children become the leaders of tomorrow.  Real Jaco provides leadership and soccer programs after school, weekends and during summer vacation, filling the void during the times our children are at the highest risk of being victimized or drawn into negative and criminal activities.

Angie Godinez

Director of Operations

Ms. Godinez joins our team with over 16 years of Marketing and Business Management experience. During her career, she has helped develop companies with the infrastructure and guidance needed allowing them to become successful. Her track record and accomplishments make her an ideal person to help spearhead our patient marketing efforts.

The spreadsheet-driven, analytical side of her holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Management from the University of Phoenix. The creative side of her is certified in Event Planning and holds multiple certifications in graphic designs and digital media. Her abilities allow her to not only create our website, digital marketing, and collateral materials but also to track and measure the effectiveness of our efforts. Coupled with being bilingual (fluent in Spanish) she brings an asset to the team and our expansion in Latin America.