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Treating Diabetes with Stem Cells in Medellín

By BioXcellerator

Let us introduce you to a successful case of a stem cell treatment of Diabetes at BioXcellerator in Medellín and see if this may be an alternative for your own medical condition.


Cell regeneration is a treatment that involves several disciplines (genetic engineering) of tissue, and cell therapy that arises as an alternative to certain diseases that currently do not have effective solutions.


Using stem cells, patients have found promising answers and have managed to alleviate ailments and symptoms that have burdened them for long periods of time.


On this occasion, we want to introduce a case of successful treatment of type 2 Diabetes that was performed in our clinic. Our patients are excited to tell you about their experience and wish to help you better understand s therapy:


Treatment of diabetes with stem cells: balance symptoms of an unstoppable disease


Jaime Arango a 53-year-old who suffers from type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, a metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia (high blood sugar level) which is resistant to low levels of insulin; In contrast to type 1 diabetes mellitus, where there is an absolute lack of insulin.


Jaime is currently receiving stem cell treatments at BioXcellerator which consist of several sessions. Several months ago, Jaime who was our first patient said, "it has been a very good experience".


Stem Cells from the umbilical cord were intravenously injected into his body. These cells follow signs of damaged tissues and repair the affected organs.


“After my first session, my blood sugar levels were stabilized. My levels were high, between 200 and 280, and now I don't go over 100. So far, I'm very well. This immediately changed my mood, it changed my life.”


The patient feels satisfied. After the treatment he has received, a constant accompaniment by physicians of the clinic and its Director, Dr. Karolynn Halpert, he experienced excellent patient medical communication. His glycosylated hemoglobin went from 13 to 6 in 3 months.


We should also emphasize that "doctors do not generate mistaken expectations", and they explain to the patient the operation, effects and scope of intervention.


Currently, Jaime should apply insulin four times a day. The goal of treatment is to reduce those insulin requirements.


"I would recommend this treatment to diabetics because it lets you live with the disease and improve your life", he says.

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