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Documentation of Improved ASIA Motor Score | Bioxcellerator

By BioXcellerator

When spinal cord injury (SCI) patients suffer from their injury medical professionals will attempt to classify their injury. Classifying a patient’s injury can help patients receive the right type of treatment and track their progress over time. The American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) impairment scale is one of the most widely accepted ways to assess a patient’s functional impairment as a result of SCI.

The ASIA motor score specifically assesses how functional patient muscles are. The higher the score, the more movement the muscles have. Improving this score is key to improving a patient’s quality of life. Stem cell therapy has the potential to improve this score, as BioXcellerator recent report shows.

What is the ASIA Motor Score?

The ASIA motor score addresses the ability of a patient to move their upper and lower extremities. Patients could lose some or all of their mobility after suffering from the event that caused the trauma. The ASIA motor score is an effective way to assess how a SCI patient has recovered after their injury.

10 muscles throughout the body are tested, five in the upper body and five in the lower body. Each muscle is rated based on its strength from 0 to 5. 0 represents total paralysis while 5 represents normal muscle function. There are the muscles that are tested during the examination:

Upper Extremities:

- Elbow Flexors

- Wrist Extensors

- Elbow Extensors

- Finger Flexors

- Finger Abductors

Lower Extremities:

- Hip Flexors

- Knee Extensors

- Ankle Dorsiflexors

- Long Toe Extensors

- Ankle Plantar Flexors

Patients can achieve a maximum score of 100 or 50 depending on if the upper and lower body are separated into two tests.

What Do Test Results Mean?

These scores showcase how much nerve damage occurred in the spinal cord and where the damage occurred. This trauma can be difficult to evaluate otherwise. Having a common

language that patients and professionals can use to discuss their condition is an effective way to improve treatment.

Medical professionals can use the ASIA motor score to evaluate the extent of a patient’s injury. The patient can then be given the right treatment. Patients can be given the ASIA motor test multiple times so that the progress of the injury can be charted over time.

Patients generally stagnate after a period of recovery. This stagnation can be incredibly frustrating for patients. These patients may lose hope of ever improving their quality of life. However, there is a chance that stem cells can help patients gain back use of some of their muscles.

Researchers believe that stem cell therapy can improve SCI patient’s ASIA motor score. Stem cells have the ability to repair the damaged nerves in the spinal cord and reduce inflammation. BioXcellerator has seen the effects of stem cell therapy on SCI patients at our clinic.

BioXcellerator Impact of Stem Cells on ASIA Motor Score

BioXcellerator is one of the leading stem cell research organizations in the world. Our team is dedicated to pushing the science of stem cell therapy forward. We have worked with patients who have suffered from spinal cord injuries.

BioXcellerator recently released the results of a report that showcased how stem cell therapy can improve SCI patient ASIA motor scores. BioXcellerator evaluated the patients before the start of their treatment based on the ASIA impairment scale. Most of the patients (79%) presented complete spinal cord injuries (Grade A). The next highest group of patients (14%) had incomplete injuries (grade B).

The patients were then given multiple rounds of stem cell therapy in hopes that their ASIA motor score would improve. 32 patients were evaluated in the report from 2019 to 2021. The treatment protocol for the SCI patient included four rounds of stem cell therapy and follow-up.

Improved ASIA Motor Score in Limbs

Stem cells appear to be a promising treatment for patients who suffered from spinal cord injuries. The patients' ASIA motor scores were tested each time they visited the clinic. The results of the report were impressive. Patients who were treated with mesenchymal stem cells showed an increase in the base median of 12 to 18 points at the third visit, with an increase of 6 points (50%) on the overall punctuation.

This shows that patients need to receive multiple rounds of stem cell therapy in order to see results. Patients who do not see any results may need multiple rounds of treatment in order to make progress. BioXcellerator is dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients that we work with. This report pushes the medical community just one step further in improving spinal cord injury outcomes. Stem cell therapy is a potentially exciting treatment for SCI patients.

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