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Comuna 13 Medellin Colombia | Bioxcellerator

By BioXcellerator

BioXcellerator’s stem cell therapy clinic is located in the incredible city of Medellin, Colombia. Many of our patients have never been to Medellin or Colombia. When our patients come to Medellin, they can experience Colombian culture and enjoy a number of world-class attractions and tours. One of the most interesting and beautiful attractions in Medellin is known as the Comuna 13 graffiti your.

Graffiti is often considered an eyesore and a public nuisance. Street art and graffiti can be seen in every major city on Earth and can have a powerful impact on a city’s culture and history. However, street art can be incredibly captivating and beautiful, especially in an incredible city such as Medellin. Medellin is divided into 16 communes, better known as comunas. The most famous comunas is Comuna 13.


What is Comuna 13?

Comuna 13 is a neighborhood that is located above Medellin that is only accessible from a metro line. The area was originally settled by Colombian citizens who came to the city to avoid violence in the countryside and could not afford to live in the city. The government did not recognize these residences as legal and did not provide any infrastructure or police support to this neighborhood.

The location above Medellin and lack of police presence made Comuna 13 a perfect location for drugs and arms trafficking. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Comuna 13 was considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. The cartels controlled the neighborhood and used it to send weapons and drugs to and from Medellin.

That has completely changed over the past two decades. In 2002, the Colombian government launched a successful operation to regain control of Comuna 13 and has turned the neighborhood around. Comuna 13 is now one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. The walls throughout Comuna 13 are adorned with beautiful graffiti murals.

Tourists are free and safe to navigate the neighborhood and see all of the beautiful graffiti that local artists have put together. Taking a graffiti tour through Comuna 13 is now a premier tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world. This tour gives you an opportunity to experience the city’s vibrant culture.

What Does the Graffiti Tour Entail?

First, you need to get to Comuna 13. Since Comuna 13 is located above Medellin, you will have to take a Metro cable car to get there. This part of the tour gives you stunning views of the entire city. Once you get off of the cable car, the local guide that is very familiar with the area and knows the residents and culture will begin to take you on a tour of the neighborhood and graffiti.

These local guides know how to navigate Comuna 13 to make you feel safe, so you can fully enjoy the street art. Tour guides will give you a comprehensive tour of the neighborhood, as well as tell you about the detailed history of the neighborhood. Comuna 13’s graffiti has transformed the neighborhood into an explosion of color and art.

The graffiti in the neighborhood ranges from anything from satirical to political. You can really get to know the people of Medellin and understand their culture. Tour guides will explain the meanings behind the graffiti murals painted throughout the neighborhood. There are also other forms of art, such as performance art, music, and breakdancing.

You will also have the opportunity to try different foods, drinks, and snacks throughout the guided tour. The locals are extremely welcoming and will generally greet visitors with open arms. The tour guides will also take you to street vendors where you can shop for local handmade goods.

The walking tours take visitors through the Las Independencia's and 20 d Julio area where most of the street art is located. Visitors should know that the tour involves a fair amount of walking and stairs, but there are outdoor escalators that replace 350 of the steepest stairs. Comuna 13 does offer some of the best views of Medellin in the city.

This tour will give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Colombian culture in a way that you would have never experienced otherwise. Comuna 13 is no longer a dangerous neighborhood, but a featured tourist attraction where visitors can learn more about Medellin’s rich history.

BioXcellerator is more than happy to set up a tour through Comuna 13 where you can see the historic neighborhood. For just $45 USD our team will facilitate a guided graffiti tour through Comuna 13. We look forward to making your visit to Medellin memorable.


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